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A'Marie Creations


My name is Ann Marie Brown, and for starters, I adore VINTAGE CLOTHING. I have always been mesmerized by the beauty and elegance of the 1890's to 1950's. I bounce between the feminine and breath-taking styles of Scarlet O' Hara in Gone With The Wind and stylish and Gorgeous styles of Dorothy Dandrige in Carmen. 
For a very long time,


I believed that I was born in the wrong era and desired to truly re-create a world where what you wore Meant Everything  and Said Everything. When women dressed classy and elegant. When you did not have to dress half naked to get noticed. 

SnL Organics set out to do just that with a variety of dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets, sweaters, and accessories.  
I love women and love to see women dressed  like the best version of themselves. I want women to feel beautiful and confident and to look stylish and chic.

“Strength and honor are her clothing; She shall rejoice in time to come.”
                          -Proverbs 31:25 NKJV

To me our vintage selections says legacy. A legacy of voice, confidence, durability, and sanctity that is still admired by many creeds, and generations.

Is our prayer that you enjoy our timeless outfits and arrangements
available at S&L Organics. We hope that our street fashion style wall, and quality clothing line will help you to create and maintain your own style masterpieces.

I have created a breath-taken line of  hair accessories to beautify your hair. These pieces are unique, hand-made, and very stylish. The hair accessories can be worn by anyone from newborns to adults  and are great for weddings and special occasions! I have also created a hair growth and maintenance line for all who want to achieve long hair. My hair care products have been proven to grow your hair and will be soon available.

Ann Marie Brown

Owner, S&LOrganics

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