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Regrow Edges, Fill in Bald Spots
& Stimulate Natural Hair Growth
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8 years ago, I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, which caused several bald spots and repeated hair loss on my edges. When you have bald spots on your head that is in areas that is difficult to hide it is very frustrating and upsetting.

I had to wear uncomfortable wigs for 3 years and finally I decided I no longer wanted to live my life wearing wigs. I spent 2 years studying about Hair Loss in African American and Black Women, and the make up and structure of our Kinky, Coily, Afro Textured Hair!

4 Years 

This let me realize that there was no

100% Natural Products out on the market

that truly regrow edges, increase length

retention and prevent breakage, and

stimulate our hair follicles.

We formulated a Growth Stimulator Set that:
🌱Nourish the hair follicles
🌱Stimulate the hair bulb
🌱Increase blood flow
🌱Grow out thicker strands

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