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His Mane Glory Shampoo- Is a natural mixture of lemongrass, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, essential oils, and water. This solution get you scalp clean and brings your hair to the right PH.

Directions: Wet hair, Spray generous amount of shampoo mixture on scalp and hair and massage into scalp and repeat once. This shampoo does not suds. If you need suds, use another shampoo and place solution on SCALP ONLY and massage in, when rinsing out, allow product to run down strands of hair and gently clean. This shampoo has Organic Apple Cider Vinegar that will form a “ Mother” that is natural and normal. You can strain out the membrane whenever it forms. Rinse out shampoo well and end with my shampoo and follow directions above.

Ingredients: Water, Sage, Rosemary, Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera Juice/Gel, Tea Tree Oil, Glycerin, Vit. E.

Stop use immediately if irritation or adverse reactions occurs and seek medical attention!

His Mane Glory Shampoo (16oz)

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$8.09Sale Price
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