Are you suffering from dry skin that is itchy and irritated? Our Lavender Dead Sea Bath Salt helps soothe and nourish dry itchy skin. The minerals found products in our Bath Salts are magnesium, calcium, iodine, zinc, bromide, potassium and sulfur. These minerals are beneficial to man's body as they are very similar to the minerals found in the skin cells. 

ESSENTIAL OILS & VITAMINS - We add 100% pure botanical oils such as nourishing avocado and lemongrass oils and skin softening oils such as Jojoba and Rose. Vitamins E is included as a skin protectant and sealant.

NO FILLERS or ADDITIVES - We use 100% natural dead sea salt as a base and 100% premium grade pure botanical oils to leave your skin clean, nourished and soft without the oily greasy feeling of other scrubs.

ANTI AGING - The powerful combination of natural ingredients helps reduce wrinkles while gently diminishing signs of aging such as stretch marks and age spots The Original Skin Purifier & Detoxifier We use ultra premium imported crushed Lavender from France and combine it with Salt from the Dead Sea to create sumptuously luxurious skin scrub that will detoxify, nourish and renew skin Vanilla bean oil is a potent anti-inflammatory that help soothe and nourish skin while also providing a rich source of anti-oxidants. Finishing this powerful formula are 6 100% pure essential oils and 3 vitamins to create a skin detoxifying powerhouse.

Some of our 100% Natural Ingredients: Coconut Milk- Moisturizing  Dead Sea Salt – Nature’s mineral rich exfoliator Crushed Lavender & Lavender Oil – Cleanse and Detoxify skin Vanilla Bean Oil – Anti-inflammatory & Anti-Oxidant Rich Avocado & Jojoba Oils – Moisturize and nourish skin for a softer feel Lemongrass Oil – Powerful skin healing properties 100% Natural Ingredients for 100% Natural Results

Lavender Dead Sea Bath Salt

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