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Our Scalp Stimulator Brush is the perfect Solution to increase blood flow to your scalp, stimulate your follicles, and can exfoliate the scalp when used with shampoo. 

Here is a more detailed look at the benefits of a scalp massage brush:

•It enhances blood circulation in the scalp, thereby improving the supply of oxygen and other nutrients to the hair roots and promoting hair growth.

•A scalp brush works like a great massager, especially for people who have trouble massaging their scalp with their weak and brittle nails.

•By removing the dirt and dead skin cells accumulated on your scalp, a scalp brush also helps you get rid of dandruff. It also distributes the natural oils on your scalp and eliminates dryness, thereby preventing flaking and itchiness on it.

•A scalp brush assists in washing and deep cleaning your hair as it ensures that the shampoo penetrates deep into your scalp to remove all the dirt and dead skin accumulated on it. It acts as an exfoliator as well.

It comes in the color pink, blue, green, and lavender.

Scalp Stimulator Brush

$5.99 Regular Price
$4.19Sale Price
Available Colors
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