We have products for Hair Loss, Restore Edges, Fill In Thinning Areas, and Hair Breakage!Let wigs and weaves be a choice versus a necessity! Have you tried countless times in the past to restore your edges, fill in spot on your head, increase fullness, get longer hair, and improve the overall health of your mane?

It is time to start a hair care system that works. Our products have aid THOUSANDS of women and men to reach their ideal length and health to their hair. It time to grow your hair to and pass shoulder length, to Bra-Strap, Waist Length, and Beyond!!!

Our 2 Part Growth ; Moisture Hair Care Products:

✅Stimulate your hair follicles and Increase blood flow

✅Prevent breakage ; Increase length retention

✅Increase moisture hydration to dry weak hair

✅Restore body and shine to you hair

✅100% Natural Products

Are you ready to grow long thick hair or regrow edges and hair loss from middle and/or back of scalp! In this system you have 3 products to grow the hair: The Growth Stimulator Spray (4oz), Growth Stimulator Oil (2oz), and Growth Stimulator Butter(4oz). These 3 products will regrow hair loss from thinning, breakage, Alopecia, and extreme shedding. It encourages growth, reduces excessive itching of the scalp and stimulate the follicles.

You also have 3 products for cleansing, moisture, length retention, and strength. The Pre-Poo(16oz), Shampoo(16oz), and Leave-in Conditioner(8oz) are moisture intensive formulas. Due to the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in the Shampoo, a membrane called the “ Mother” will form in product. This is normal and and can be strained out once form. Stop use immediately if allergic reaction occurs with any of our products!

Please stop use immediately if irritation or adverse reactions occur! Seek medical attention as soon as possible!

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Two Part Moisture Growth System

$72.22 Regular Price
$61.39Sale Price
  • Directions: Break down hair into 6 to 8 sections and apply pre-poo to each section while finger detangling hair and avoiding scalp. Allow product to stay on hair for 30 mins to 2 hours underneath plastic cap. Finger detangles hair in sections and rinse well. Add heat when used as a deep conditioner. Use this product, every time you shampoo hair so that you always replenish your hairs’ moisture.