🚨It's Here! 🚨His Mane Glory Ultimate Hair Growth Enhancing Line is available to purchase. You will receive a Pre-Poo, Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner, Detox Kit ( Clay mixture & Liquid), Growth Stimulator, Growth Stimulator Oil, Growth Stimulator Butter, Scarf, Stimulator brush. This full set will leave your hair healthy with its deep penetrating hydration products. Stop  use immediately if allergic reaction occurs with any of our products!

In this system you have products to grow the hair: The Growth Stimulator Spray, Oil and Butter. These 3 products will regrow hair loss from thinning, breakage, Alopecia, and extreme shedding. It encourages growth, reduces excessive itching of the scalp and stimulate the follicles.

2. In this system you have products to rebalance the hair, strengthen, and moisturize: The Shampoo, Pre-Poo, Leave-in Conditioner, and Detox Kit. These products will stop breakage, dryness, fairy knots, and weak hair. It gives you elasticity and shine.

3. You also receive a Scarf or Satin Pillowcase, and Stimulator Brush. Help the beautiful women and mom in your life start their journey to longer, fuller healthy hair. 

🚨If shipping is over $14.00 for location within the United States, please text me at 3476457906 and we will reduce your shipping.

Ultimate Gift Set including Detox Kit System