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We Love To Hear Your Story!! 


Thank you for your support, business, and comments on social media and our website! I've worked tirelessly creating and selling my hair growth products to help many individuals who look like me and felt the shame and pain that excessive thinning, bald spots, and hair loss creates.

I need your help,  to continue to show the world that we can have beautiful, vibrant, healthy hair with natural plant based products.  Your TESTIMONY can help others to know that these products really works!  

For Your Support Your Next Purchase Is On Us!!


To be able to obtain your free $85 coupon please submit to us a video answering the following questions.

  • What main problem did our products solve for you?

  • What are the biggest fears, doubts or insecurities you experienced because of  this problem?

  • Why was this problem important to solve for you?

    • What kind of thoughts were running through your mind?

    • What did having this problem rob you of in your day-to-day life?

    • What end-result did you expect to achieve from using our product?

    • Once you got those results, how did it change your day-to-day life?

    • Did our product save you time? If so, how much time did it save you?

  • What other brands have you tried in the past?

    • Why did you choose our brand over the other brands you tried in the past? 

    • What are the 3 things you liked about our product? The things that mattered to you?

  • Would you recommend our product to other people?

  • Who would you recommend it to? (This will give us an idea of other types of customers to market to)

Submit Your Video To 
and/ or 
Subject:"Testimony " 

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Give it your best! On top of the $85 coupon. Your video submission will automatically enter you in our $250 give away contest!  We will announce the winner on 9/15/2022
* please choose well lit background to record you video with no background noise*

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