What Product Do I Need?

Bad Dandruff / Scalp Eczema / Scalp Psoriasis Problem

SOLUTION: Use our Shampoo and Growth Stimulator Oil

Skin Eczema

SOLUTION: Our Goat Milk Soap and natural Hydration Head to Toe Oil
(Come's in Vanilla Rose or Lavender Lemongrass)

Bald Spots/ Thinning Edges/ Alopeica /Hair Loss Due to Chemothearapy, Stress, Medicaiton/ Premature Balding or Hair Growth

SOLUTION: Our Growth Stimulation Set and Shampoo:

Dry Brittle Hair/ Split Ends/ Fairy Knots/ Hair Breakage

SOLUTION: Leave-in Conditioner, Pre Poo (Deep Conditioner), & Shampoo

Severe Dry Hair

SOLUTION: Leave In Conditioner and Vanilla Rose/Lavender Lemongrass Head to Toe oil
(for maximum moister results)